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An Open Letter to Senator Mark Udall

May 1, 2009

Colorado Senator Mark Udall
999 Eighteenth Street
Suite N1525
Denver, CO 80202

Dear Senator Udall,

I strongly encourage you to immediately endorse the Employee Free Choice Act. I fail to understand why you are not taking a firm public stand on the EFCA when you previously have co-sponsored the bill.

Senator Udall, this is unacceptable! The EFCA is not a political issue; it is a small “d” democratic issue that goes to the heart of freedoms guaranteed to all Americans by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I find it shameful that you use the EFCA as a political tool, and that you are waiting to see who will give you the most money for your upcoming campaign in 2010.

Recently I heard a talk at a Democratic fundraiser by progressive talk show host and author David Sirota. Mr. Sirota challenged us to ask this basic question about any politician, Democrat or Republican: Are you on our side (the American working people) or are you on the side of big business and money. The answer in your case is really neither. I suspect you are waiting to see where your largest campaign contributions are coming from, in which case you are only on your side, and will do whatever you have to do to be re-elected.

Please prove me wrong by immediately endorsing the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s a new era in America, and we are in need of transparent and honest politicians. Step up to the plate and join us, the working people of America.


Thomas A. Blomster

Denver, CO


  1. May 6th, 2009 at 15:05 | #1

    Thank you Tom and Ed! I’ve written several letter to Senators Udall and Bennet to hold them accountable by supporting the Employee Free Choice Act. My latest follows below.

    More importantly, winning this campaign will require thousands of letters from union members, family and friends. Please, sit down with them and take a moment to put your thoughts on paper. Time is of the essence!

    May 6, 2009

    Senator Michael Bennet
    2300 15 St., Suite 450
    Denver, CO 80202

    Dear Senator Bennet,

    Never in my lifetime has there been such an urgent need to stop the decline of the middle class. The American Dream has been eroded by increasing, needless poverty as millions who only ask for a fair paycheck are relegated to the ranks of the working poor. Our belief in an honest wage for an honest days work has been quashed as bankers and CEO’s are rewarded for failure.

    Labor unions are the only democratic forums that provide checks and balances against this injustice, but they have been weakened by decades of anti-union legislation. The Employee Free Choice Act will be the first piece of legislation to turn this downward trend by ensuring that employees have the democratic right to choose union representation.

    You elect to represent our interests in the United States Senate, but fail to see the importance of this issue among your own constituents. The Colorado Democratic Party unanimously adopted a resolution encouraging the support and passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. They are the citizens whom you represent – not corporate lobbyists.who are presently winning your support.


    Pete Vriesenga,
    President, Denver Musicians Association

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