Bullying the SCFD?

By Pete Vriesenga

I have been calling attention to SCFD’s bad policy for 15 years, all the while explaining why their indiscriminate annual distribution of $40 million is doing more harm than good. For the most part this has been a futile effort because we are now facing a culture shift in our community Gig Awaythat, driven either by ignorance or deliberate intent, favors volunteerism over industry.

How do we set SCFD on a healthy course that provides better benefit for the community and is also compatible with our industry? Pointed, healthy discussion going forward will obviously require the opposite viewpoint, and Robin McNeil is as strong a champion of SCFD as anyone I can find. McNeil is a former Executive Director of the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra and now maintains  his OpusColorado arts blog.

My recent commentary Please attend SCFD’s public meeting on March 24, 2011 caught McNeil’s attention. On March 26, McNeil posted his commentary to mine which he titled Bullying the SCFD. McNeil tosses out weak and unfounded assertions that, at the very least, require my counter back to him. But despite repeated attempts to post my response to his blog, McNeil has deliberately silenced me … for now.

Click here to read my rebuttal that McNeil and OpusColorado never published.