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Mopping up after having been “showered upon”

Bruce and Martha Clinton

Bruce and Martha Clinton

“Bruce and his wife, Martha, have made a tremendous difference in the many organizations in which they are closely involved, including the symphony orchestras in the three cities in which they maintain homes: Chicago, Denver, and Miami. Their generosity has been showered upon the Colorado Symphony Orchestra here in Denver, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, The Cleveland Orchestra for their Miami Residency, the New World Symphony and, of course, the League of American Orchestras.”

The above quote comes from a page of the League of American Orchestras website, highlighting a 2008 LAO dinner honoring former CSO board members Bruce and Martha Clinton. Interestingly, the referenced page is no longer available because it is quickly masked by a pop-up ad.

This draws a stark contrast to the Clinton’s deliberate attempts to shut the CSO down only months ago, and subsequent and continued efforts to undermine the organization for months after they walked away from their responsibilities.  The Clinton’s also reneged on their season pledges over their differences with “union work rules,” leaving a sudden and deliberate financial crisis for musicians and community leaders to mop up.

As vice president of the LAO, Bruce Clinton has taken his agenda across the nation. A report on their June, 2011 LAO Conference blames “collective bargaining agreements” for much of the industry problems that orchestras face today. As if this were nothing more than a game of Monopoly or Who Sank my Battleship, the report goes on to script the turmoil that CSO musicians were expected to endure in the immediate months ahead:

“Next few months some major and medium US orchestras will face the challenges of robust innovation. It will be a really interesting experience, which orchestras will succeed best in this competition.”

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